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Zoom Home Whitening Kit

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Zoom Laser Whitening

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Is Laser Whitening more effective than home teeth whitening?

Professional home whitening kits provide more permanent results over a longer time scale, whereas laser tooth whitening offers immediate results. A combination of the two provides the perfect solution to both immediate and long-term whitening needs.

What is the procedure involving teeth whitening?

Before starting the process, we thoroughly recommend a Scale and Polish – teeth surfaces with built up plaque do not whiten well. A scale and Polish will leave your tooth surfaces beautifully smooth and clean and ready for whitening. Home Whitening with Professional Home Whitening Kits involves taking impressions of your teeth at your first appointment. We use the impressions to make custom fitting whitening trays which you use during the day or at night. These trays are made with little reservoirs to hold the whitening gel. The trays fit snugly to hold the gel in and keep the saliva out – intensifying the whitening process. At your next appointment, a few days later, we fit the trays and show you how to use the gel.

Up to 10 shades lighter with our accelerated whitening method

Involves the same procedure with an added session of Laser Whitening in the dental surgery before starting the home whitening procedure. During the laser whitening procedure, the dentist will apply whitening gel to the teeth and place the laser light directly on the teeth. You may experience sensitivity during the treatment. After 20 minutes, the dentist will wipe off the gel and reapply it. This process will be repeated several times. After about an hour of the whitening process, the dentist will wash off the gel and record the new brighter shade. We will also make you custom made trays to follow up your whitening with a take home whitening kit.

Most of our patients lighten their teeth by 6 shades or more in one hour. By continuing to whiten their teeth for 6 more days, they can whiten up to 10 shades lighter.

How long will it take to whiten my teeth

How quickly your teeth whiten depends on a variety of factors mainly related to age and lifestyle. Teeth have porous surfaces which mean they are spongy. The level of porosity is higher the younger you are. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking red wine, coffee and tea and eating coloured foods like curry can lessen the effect of the whitening.

Brilliant Tooth Whitening results with Philips Zoom Whitening